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the pixel image
the pixel image
Kasparov 2.1 Final17.1.2000
The final version of the best demo ever is available for download!
first fan site17.1.2000
It lastet long and we were about to gave up hope. But now it is finally online. The first ELITEGROUP Fan Site. Be sure to add yourself to the ever growing list of fans or you'll be sent to france!
TP98 entry17.1.2000
the missing pixel graphics entry from TP98 is now online
All Demos from TP99 can now be downloaded from our website.
Won the Competition30.12.1999
Elitegroup has won the PC-Accel Competition at TP99
New Leader30.12.1999
the new Leader of the Month is Herr Weltschaft
MXM Play Windows10.11.1999
The famous MXM Play from Niklas Beisert has been released in a windows version. Get this supierior piece of code and design for easy sound playback NOW!
NEW LEADER!4.10.1999
Since 01.10.99 gott is the new wise leader of ELITEGROUP.
new Leader15.9.1999
Since Monday 13. September 1999 the united states of america is the new Leader of the Month.