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As a child, he played a lot down at the river near one of the oldest atomic power plants of Germany. Swimming in the river polluted by radioactive waste, he got somewhat mutated in his brain.
First he didn't notice, but when he grew older he found out that he was different: He can "feel" source code. For him, each bug was instant pain even before the code was compiled.

This trained him to write beautiful, bug-free code in the first try, for the ecstasy he feels doing it. With his rich experience on C64 and Amiga he was not prepared for the biggest challenge in his live: writing code for Microsoft operating systems. In the beginning, even booting such a computer was painful beyond imagination, and he found out that he might never be able to master the worlds most widespread platform.

He traveled the world to learn the secrets of Buddhism and Hinduism, he spend years in places never seen before by western man, and when he came back to Germany he joined Elitegroup, prepared for the quest of his live: World Domination.