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Herr Weltschaft
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Born into the bondage of the lamers, he grew up in a very dark, chaotic and abandoned place. With the age of 9 his family was taken into prison to debug for the Lords of Lameness. Beeing alone and on his own he drilled himself to become a mighty fighting machine against the ruling world order.

He always felt the groove in his heart which became stronger with every day of his life until it blew out of his mind.
Leaving germany and searching for the right place to gain power for the final strike, he found himself travelling throught france one day. He felt that the dark powers of lameness were strong in this place and that his family and all his friends had to be there. But he knew that he wasn't able to defeat the lamers and conquer the land on his own. As a logical consequence he had to search for the last remaining elites on the planet and after a long, hard search he found them all.

Passing all knock-out traps in the quest of joining he finally became a member of the mighty Elitegroup. be sure about one thing: He won't stop until france has been conquered, until his family and the world has been freed from lameness to go on living a glory life as a ruler.