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der commander
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Unlike some of his actual co-fighters, der commander did not have a dark, scary history. He has been living on a friendly small island somewhere on one of the big seas. Everything went it's ordinary way; der commander spent his time with diving, lying in the sun, drinking exotic colourful longdrinks and having fun with his friends.
How could one imagine that some day one of the most brutal, immoral, hellish, sad, and most important: STUPID, bloody fucking stupid accident could happen? An accident, that is solely based on the stupidity of a whole country; an accident, that shows the complete incompetence of a whole nation ... well ... what happened?

On one day in der commander's very own paradise, some dozens of years ago, the people that have their cheap dirty homes in a country that calls itself "france" had the very intelligent idea to start testing atom-bombs, which were built by engineers that where kidnapped from germany and the usa.
So they choose some place on the big sea, not putting further investigation efforts in finding out, if there was civilization around... and guess what...
The place was not far away from der commander's island. so on that mentioned day, der commander was horrified by a bright white flash that seemed to originate from a point a lot closer than everybody would have wished... as der commander had very soon found out, that this only could have been a new, powerfull weapon, he quickly packed his until then not much used notebook and secured himself in the cellar of his house.

And then the second accident, which was actually a follow-up of the first one, took place, because as the french were even too stupid to put the bomb deep enough under water, the explosion started a huge flood, that, of course, destroyed der commanders house and burried the cellar under the remains of the house. luckily der commander had a lot of food down there, and like a miracle, the power for the cellar was still working.1

So what was the commanders situation? he was locked in a cellar with food and energy, and had a notebook... so he started spending his time teaching himself how to code and do 3d modelling, because he had a c compiler, an assembler and a 3d program on his notebook. During that time he was locked (like 3 years) his hate against the french and his 3d-graphics abilities grew strong and when he finally made his way out of the cellar, he started a quest for people who also hate the french .. and so he found Elitegroup and joined them for the sake of WORLD DOMINATION, which will also enable him to punish the french.

1If the reader might now recognize parts of this events as beeing just like the new film "blast from the past", he is right, coz it was one of der commanders ideas he had while beeing somewhat locked in his cellar ... he wrote the story for that movie (and actually even produced it later on, for those who are interested).