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Born 1967 as an only-child in the south-bronx, the united states of america came to first fame in the late 80s. Under the alias "da heavy funky big bad brotha ghetto boy D." he and three other gangstaz founded the famous rap-crew Tripple-G Prjoct (a.k.a. da Ghetto Gangsta Gang).
Between 1987 and 1989 they ruled every american rap-metropolis and had seven number-one songs in the U.S. of which five went tripple-platinum. In the 1987 MTV music awards they were nominated in 13 categories of which they won eleven, including best rap, best show and best video. (next to Michael Jackson and R.E.M. this makes them one of the most successful acts ever.)

Although they always dissociated themselves from the new hip-hop style of the 90s, they are credited by almost any current hip-hop act for their great musical influence.

But not only their music was copied by other artists also their style, which is still strongly present in todays hip-hop culture. One of their trademarks were their sawed off white limousines. To achieve the genuine Tripple-G look, every limousines cartop was manually sawed off by the gang-members with a special handsaw.
Another trademark was the cut off right hand ring finger - the sign of honor. This tradition found its renaissance when Elitegroup was founded years later.

Also their legendary shows belonged to the most remarkable life-events of all times. Forever unforgotten stays their 1987 Chicago gig in the chicago orchestra hall.
As always they appeared in authentic ghetto-style - black wool-caps, white nikes with no shoelaces, bullet-proof waistcoat under tons of metal and jewellery and gloves with cut-off fingertips. The show went into the third hour and the gang - escorted by a bunch of guys, standing on the back of their "dodge ram" pick-up, emptying their sawed-off rifles into the audience - had just parked their four sawed-off limousines on the stage and jumped off the cars to warm their hands over some rusty burning barrels. unrecognized by the security one fan climbed onto the stage, fell over a pile of burning tires, catched fire and ran over the stage as a human torch for several minutes.

Since then the fanburning became a regular part of the show until in 1989 this was prohibited in most states against heavy protests of the band. To support the protest, fans began to burn themselves all over the country but the government did not give in. After an endless lawsuit, which the band finally lost, they took the final consequence and cancelled the Tripple-G Project, leaving millions of fans behind.
Today critics remember the Gang as one of the most influential boybands ever, staying in one row with Take That and the Beatles.

After the split of Tripple-G Project, the united states of america vanished from spotlight. Being a wealthy man by now, he fulfilled his mothers dream and bought the small house in the south bronx where he had grown up, to live a quiet and peaceful life with his family.

Then, after nine years of silence, he and his old mate kewl decided to save the scene from ridiculousness and founded Elitegroup. The rest is history.



- still being the great patriot, that he always was (- the united states of america is a lifetime honorary member of the NRA), he later also founded the DAF-project to support "the best country in the world" and protect the scene from the escalating francenization. today the DAF is supported by all important demogroups including, of course, elitegroup.