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KEWLs origins, a secret to most, have always been a source of keeping minds guessing...
Well, to talk plain truth here, actually this person is kind of an ancient extraterrestrian transstellar metaphysical hyperconcious intelligence which sometimes appears to take form in certain humans - one of it the KEWL we are talking about.

He had, for example, the supernatural ability to forecast things, demo effects to name it, in prophetic fashion, effects which won competitions and became all time classics in demo history. Only they were not done by his group, unfortunately...
Again and again this happened. It seemed as if only few of his teammates were just partly capable of understanding his thoughts, his visions, the hard imaginable greatness of his ideas. But then, after some time, this huge spirit KEWL found itself surrounded by other souls which were on a similar higher level of demo knowledge and creativity, beyond all limits known to mankind so far - the guys which later formed proud Elitegroup!

Among them this proud disciple, the strange country overseas there, you know, home of those strange people with crazy gunheads, Starr- and Warren-reports and so on, the united states of amerikkka, the one which KEWL founded the best very good group ever and forever with, finally. To protect the universe from the scum of the demo scene. However, after some time the great KEWL had to discover history repeats itself, his path being an endless helix leading upwards in circles, always passing the same points, each time higher (btw, there has been a visualization of this phenomenom in the shape of an animation in a 40K-intro done by another incarnation of KEWL); that once again his visions and ideas, the actual original meanings of Elitegroup, have been misunderstood.
Even the very best skilled, experienced and most powerful people the demo scene has ever brought to light, which Elitegroup was assembled of, could not grasp the whole, even the great minds of these geniuses still were too narrow.

This is actually the reason for the coming World Domination: once itīs established, all humanīs minds will be incorporated, plugged into one single, unified conciousness controlled by KEWL, an enormous slavery complex with the purpose of making the final project possible: producing the last, the perfect, the eternally unsurpassable, the ULTIMATE DEMO.

The destination is clear. The prophecy will fulfill, sooner than you may think...