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The story behind D8R

D8R was born as the second son of an ordinary german family. In the first years of his life it turns out, that he has some affinity to play with weapons and other deadly things.

None of those who know him now wonder, that he - in the age of 16 years - ran away from home to become a soldier of a terroristical underground organization. His comrades there found out, that D8R was special... His way to solve problems was never based on communication or diplomacy. Instead he used his extensive weapon collection. He was so brutal that even his terrorist-fellows where scared and refused to work with him any longer.
Forced by his followers El Comandante decided, that the best solution to get rid of D8R would be to send D8R on a suicide commando. He sent him directly to Nicaragua - in his baggage a sealed envelope containing a black list of well known statesmen.

D8R was raring to get such a nice chance to proof everyone what a good profi killer he is. Of his comrades however nobody ever believed, that D8R will ever come home from this special mission.
The journey of D8R is well known... Wherever he was he left signs of blood and violence, but from one day to another he dissapeared.

Nobody except D8R excactly knows what happend in the following 10 years. Romours say, that he was arrested by the nicaraguan military forces. They - so is said - tried to "reeducate" him to a deadly killer-machine and work for their corrupt goverment. It won't be a surprise if they succeded since his nature is like a wild animal. However, no one ever saw him in these ten dark years.

Ten years later he showed up at the house where El Comandate lived. He has become older and wasn't a terrorist anymore. He - with his wife and his 2 children - worked at the local McDonalds. After D8R realized, that his former leader sold his world outlook and the names of his comrades for a new identity D8R was in rage. He killed the entire family and set half of the city in fire.

Another two years passed where D8R wasn't seen. Then he appreared on a so called scene-party in denmark where he chatted with a couple of strange looking guys.

The rest is history. He was one of those who founded Elitegroup. The reasons why he did this are still a mystery. Also it's unknown where D8R learned to write the perfect code.

If you ever meet him don't ask him what happend in those 10 years... Those who did died a long and painfull death. His new comrades however know.... sometimes in the night - when he sleeps under the table he whisperes scary things like "No .... please ... turn that off ... this is lame code ... I can stand it anymore.. I'll do anything if you stop it.. pleaseeeeeee ..."